Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New Crafts Projects

I'm trying to be more crafty, develop hobbies, etc. It's hard being creative but I need this.

First, I've got three dress patterns:

I want to do the second dress--the one with the large blue floral. I don't know if you can see this well, I should have scanned the images but I thought of photographing them first. I'm also considering the black dress on the end.

I like the two sleeveless blouses on the end. The floral and the yellow.

I got this one years ago back in Walla Walla or someplace like that. I'm not sure if I like the dresses anymore but I'm considering the top blue one or the brownish one below.

Any thoughts on colors, patterns, or fabric?

I also got this frame in Walla Walla some time ago at either the Humane Society or St. Vincents de Paul thrift store. I liked the frame and always thought I'd refinish it in white although I've considered gold.

Now the picture inside the frame is a weird owl poster I plan on throwing out but I don't know what to put inside. I've considered making it a bulletin board or something of the kind.

Any suggestions?

It might take a while but I'll keep you posted on my progress.


  1. As for the dresses, my favorite is the black one and I would keep it black. I also like the yellow top, but would do it in an electric blue. You would look stunning.

    And bulletin board. Definately bulletin board!


    Never ask me for advice, for I SHALL be honest!

  2. You can have the owls. We can trade for squash!

  3. I like the black dress too. It reminds me of Mindy? on West Wing and besides that I think it's cute. Black is probably a good color for it. Can you teach me to sew when you're all done with your projects? :-)