Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Why everything sucks?

First, apologies for my absence. But excuses don't butter the I'll just say I'll try not to be gone so long again. Please look forward to seeing more about what I was doing during my hiatus.

Today I have to start by posting this video and article I ran across this morning as I did my online blitz through the news. Late night host on CBS Craig Ferguson, if you're unfamiliar with him, is up against Jimmy Fallon and formerly Conan O'Brien in the 12:35-1:35 am time slot. His show lacks the advertisement frenzy and all the other bells and whistles like a long suffering sidekick or amiable band leader as other hosts have. Maybe Ferguson's pared down version of the show is a reflection of his talent. He doesn't need to do flashy things to highlight his self deprecating humor. Or, as some argue, maybe CBS doesn't value him as it should. Either way, he might be most respected for his monologues that occasionally take a turn for the serious and often give a strong cultural commentary.

Craig Ferguson's brilliant analysis of 'Why everything sucks' |

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If you think this is interesting you can find other serious monologues on why he won't do Britney Spears jokes, voting and becoming an American, and eulogies for his father and mother on YouTube.

Now I don't spend a lot of nights watching late shows but when I do I will sometimes pause to hear what he's going to talk about because I like being pleasantly surprised.