Saturday, May 2, 2009

Spring Day

Beautiful weather today. I went for a walk around my neighborhood. Crossed the railroad tracks at the end of the street and walked around Brookland Park. These pictures make the neighborhood appear more bucolic than it really is but the trees are beautiful now that it's finally spring.

Sabbath afternoon after church. I've had my Olympus Camedia D-540 zoom for nearly five years. Of course now, 3.2 megapixels is nothing to write home about anymore. I bought it just before going on an extended trip but since then I've barely used it. My goal is to start documenting my life a bit more dilegently. I've journaled since I was about 11 or 12 but that writing doesn't preserve the most visual memories.

The train goes by several times a day. Maybe three. There's a late night run at about midnight or 1:00 am. I sometimes hear it when I'm lying in bed. It reminds me of some of my earliest memories from about age three. We lived--my parents, my sister, and I--in the Campus View apartments at Indiana University where my father was attending graduate school. I would lie in bed, and not only hear but feel, the train thunder its way into my dreams.

This tree has interesting massing. I've always had an interest in trees. Their mass, their breadth, their height. They are the grandest of living organisms and the are proportioned quite delicately--from the thickness of the trunk, and the texture of the bark, to the most intricate leaves.

There are two more white flowered trees around the corner from this one. I don't know that they're called but they remind me of a bridal party.

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